When you choose CEDAR LOOKS, you choose the beauty, durability, and superior quality of furniture made of 100% natural Northern white cedar.
Without chemicals or preservatives, your CEDAR LOOKS furnishings will stay looking new for years to come. White cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay and naturally splinter-free. That means all CEDAR LOOKS products can be used indoors or out.
  CEDAR LOOKS furniture provides maximum comfort thanks to our exclusive sanding process that produces a much smoother surface and top quality finish.  
  With over 40 years’ experience in white cedar, family-run Mobilier Rustique manufactures your CEDAR LOOKS furniture so it will last for generations.  
  Quality control begins right with tree selection and continues until your CEDAR LOOKS furniture is ready for delivery. We are also actively involved in replanting forests, the source of our raw materials.  
  CEDAR LOOKS is one of the most complete lines of indoor and outdoor Northern white cedar furniture. As a proud North American company from a part of the country where wood is king, we offer the service and warranties you need to enjoy peace of mind and all the comfort, fragrance, and beauty of CEDAR LOOKS.  
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